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Website Design

We can create accessible, standards-driven websites for your organisation or for you. Depending on your needs we can create anything from a basic html (hypertext markup language) site with cascading stylesheets, to a database driven site using PHP, and MySQL.

We have a simple and clear website design philosophy, so if you require technologies such as Flash we can refer you to other selected companies.

We can improve your website, just as Gordon Ramsay can improve your restaurant (minus the coarse language).

If you are no longer in contact, or are not happy with your original designer/creator we can manage websites on your behalf.

We can train you to make minor adjustments to your site (depending on you level of knowledge).

We can now offer to construct your site using Drupal - which is an open-source content management system (CMS). Once a Drupal site has been set up it can be maintained by users who are able to use a word processor. So it is an excellent solution if you make frequent minor changes to your site, and you don't want to know about html.

We can create templates from your existing site for use with Drupal, or Dreamweaver.

Some examples of our work: